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Toy Car with Magnetic Suspension Wheels

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Mabrino Car 

Mabrino Car 

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Tegu Cars 

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Tegu Car Sets

Toy Car with Magnetic Suspension Wheels: Simple block car with clever wheel design. Small neodymium magnets embedded in the block lock on to steel balls, which raise the vehicle and become free to rotate providing the wheels for this simple toy.

The Levimoon

Get a levitating moon globe lamp here! 
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The Levimoon: this detailed moon globe is an adjustable lamp that levitates! Charged through wireless induction via the base, the moon floats above the Earth while illuminated from the inside to reveal the major features of the lunar surface, and will rotate when given a slight push. This kind of levitation uses a control system with an adjustable electromagnet in a feedback loop with Hall effect sensors which allows for fine tuning of the magnetic field to exactly balance the pull of gravity.