Magnetic Toys

Magnetic Cube

Many colors to choose from: 
From BUY NOW Magnetic Dice Cube 

See also the original indestructibles post: Magnetic Acrylic Rubik's Cube 

Magnetic Cube: a twisty Rubik’s Cube puzzle made from 27 dice and 108 neodymium magnets. This cube includes the scrambled states and solutions of the original 3x3 Rubik’s Cube but is held together only by magnets! The magnets, in this special configuration, lock the dice together with a satisfying click upon rotation. This beautiful cube was produced by Owen Lillywhite of and is based on a gfixler design posted on instructables.

Magneview Flim

Get some magnetic viewing film here: 
From Educational Innovations: BUY NOW Magnetic Viewing Film 

Magneview Flim: making the invisible visible and revealing the hidden physics of our everyday world. Microscopic cavities in this green film are filled with oil and tiny flakes of Nickel metal- like compass needles, the flakes align with the magnetic fields revealing the complexity of the north and south pole domains of these magnets. Two of the disk magnets have multiple north and south poles and look like gears with teeth- these are rotors from small motors. 

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Perpetual Motion Simulator V2.0

This new demonstration transparent model is available here:
From Amazon: BUY NOW: Transparent Perpetual Simulator

Get the original here:
From Etsy: BUY NOW: Perpetual Marble Machine (reccomended seller: William Le of BackToNatureDecor)

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Perpetual Motion Simulator V2.0: a version with a transparent casing that reveals the sophisticated mechanism and electronics behind the newest “perpetual motion” toy that hit the internet a couple years ago. The original version was expertly crafted to make the base look like a block of wood (see post from November), but here we see a battery, a coil, a set of large capacitors, and a blue sensor unit along with circuit boards. The sensor detects the descending metal ball and then in an amazingly short amount of time the circuit discharges the capacitors through the coil to produce a magnetic pulse that accelerates the ball. Still looking into what kind of sensor is used- but this circuit is an excellent reminder that when someone claims a perpetual motion device the question to ask is “where’s the battery hidden?”

See Steve Mould's excellent video for details on the Perpetual Motion Simulator Circuirtry 

Electric Motor

Get this easy to assemble kit here: 
From Educational Innovations: BUY NOW Simplest Motor Kit 

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Electric Motor: in its simplest form!- coil, magnet, and battery. The wire of the coil has an insulating coating- and this coating is carefully scrapped off one side on each end. When current passes through the coil it becomes an electromagnet and the permanent magnet repels it making it spin- as it turns the currents goes on and off depending if the copper posts are in contact with the bare wire (current on) or the still insulated wire (current off). I have motors with fewer parts- but they operate on more complex principles.

Kluster Magnetic Challenge Game

Get this fun magnetic game here:

From Amazon: BUY NOW: Kluster Magnet Game

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Kluster Magnetic Challenge Game: explore mysterious action at distance via magnetic fields with this fun game setup. Note how the polished barium-strontium ferrite ceramic magnets repel each other when properly oriented, but once one flips over the unstable equilibrium gives way to the north/south attraction, and they quickly snap together. The game is played by taking turns placing the magnets within the boundary of the cord without any jumping together- the first to place all their magnets in the loop without any “clustering” wins, if some do cluster you take those magnets and lose your turn. Comes with the cord and a nice velvet storage bag.

Magnetic Viewing Film: Fridge Magnetic Structure

Get this new and fun technology here:

From Amazon: BUY NOW: Color Magnetic Viewing Film

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Magnetic Poles of Refrigerator Magnets: visualizing the invisible with color gradient magnetic viewing film- the secrets of refrigerator magnets revealed: strips of north and south poles. Compared to the two poles at the end of the horseshoe magnet 🧲 the collection of parallel strips seen in the fridge magnet is a special orientation of the magnetic poles called a Halbach array, which allows for the combination of poles to create a strong magnetic field on one side and a very weak one on the other- refrigerator magnets only stick on one side by design! 

HoverPen Interstellar Edition

Get this pen here:

From Amazon: BUY NOW: HoverPen Interstellar

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The HoverPen (Interstellar Edition): A sleek writing pen trapped against gravity- at an elegant angle of 23 degrees - by a magnetic field via precision engineered placement of neodymium magnets in the base. Produced by the Novium line of awesome physics based products- and a financial supporter of science education including a personal favorite YouTube channel: PBS SpaceTime. 

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Magnetic Equilibrium Pen

Get this amazing pen set here:
From Amazon: BUY NOW: Wooden Magnetic Pen

See other super neat levitating pens here: The HoverPen

Get some magneitc viewing film here: Magnetic Flux Display Film
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Magnetic Equilibrium Pen: a weighty and elegant wooden writing pen dances and stands up on its tip when released, trapped against gravity by magnetic fields. Magnetic viewing film reveals the shape of the field from the strong neodymium magnet in the base, and that of the magnets embedded in the pen. The strength and geometry of these fields allows the pen to stand on its tip even when the base is tilted! Some fantastic physics for the desk top. 

Cubendi Dissected Cube Puzzle

Thie new dissection puzzle is available here:

From Amazon: BUY NOW: Cubendi Cube

Get the sister cube puzzle here:

From Amazon: BUY NOW: Shashibo Cube
From Art of Play: BUY NOW : Shashibo Geometric Art

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Cubendi Puzzle: Dissect a cube into 4 equal irregular tetrahedra + 8 equal irregular triangular pyramids, connect these 12 pieces symmetrically with hinges and add 48 magnets to create the Cubendi cube. This assembly can make a number of surprising symmetrical forms including this rectangular prism with a square hole. More math fun with this second hinged dissection cube puzzle from the makers of the Shashibo Cube. 


Kinetic Magnetic Wave Wires

Get this affordable kit here: 

From Amazon: BUY NOW: Kinetic Magnet Wires Kit

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Kinetic Magnetic Wave Wires Kit: explore the surprising ways oscillating kinetic energy is exchanged when repulsive magnetic fields allow masses on springs to interact with each other. Here three weighted springs dance in chaotic motion as they trade kinetic energy. This educational coupled oscillator kit comes with wire springs of equal length capped at both ends with magnets of equal mass and equal field strength which can be configured in myriad way by the experimenter on the included metal base.

Magnetic Top and Curious Forms

This top and moving cutout set will be part of the very next Curiosity Box:
Get (or give!) a Curiosity Box subscription here: JOIN NOW: The Curiosity Box

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Magnetic Top & Curious Forms: this fantastic physics toy will be coming in the very next @thecuriositybox (Order today!)— The magnetized tip of the spin top connects to a smooth metal cutout, but since the top is much more massive, the metal cutout moves creating the curious motion. This kinetic art toy takes advantage of Newton’s 3rd law and rotational kinetic energy. The Vsauce team has created this amazing version of the classic “top & snake” physics toy from the 1950s- and the supplied cutouts include a spiral, an abstract form with triangular symmetry, and a snake! 

Levitating Sphere Lamp

Get this fun lamp here: 

From Amazon: BUY NOW: Levitation Lamp

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Levitation Lamp: tapping the floating spherical magnet turns this LED lamp off and on in this interesting design. The magnet floats a couple centimeters from the surface of the base when plugged in, and feels springy to the touch. Within the base is a control system with adjustable electromagnet coils in a feedback loop with Hall effect sensors which allow for fine tuning of a magnetic field to precisely balance the pull of gravity.